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NO FEES 11/28/2020 & 11/29/2020

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IN STORE 11/28/2020


$10 off ANY diffuser

10% off CBD

10% off vitamins & supplements

We have everything you need for cold/flu season-- zinc, vitamin D, Oscillococcinum, elderberry, probiotics, echinacea, Vitamin C, kids vitamins and much,

MUCH more!!


Far Infrared Sauna

This a dry sauna that is useful for detoxing, relaxing stiff muscles, and relieving pain. It can seat one or two people at a time. Many people use it before or after their massage. 

Regular rates are $1/minute. Sit 15-40 minutes at a time. Discounts are available for bulk minute purchases or doubles.

100 minutes for $95

150 minutes for $140

200 minutes for $180

      Doubles Session costs $1/minute for the first person and $0.50 per minute for the second person. Both people sit at the same time.

***Unavailable due to Covid***


Have you purchased an essential oil or essential oil blend from us? Bring us your empty bottle and we will refill it for a $2 discount off regular retail price! This is available in the 5ml size. Most singles and blends available. 

Example: You purchased a 5ml of Eucalyptus essential oil from us for $11. When your bottle is empty, bring it to us. We will refill it and your cost is $9. Or, the ever popular Breathe Easy blend is $18, so a refill would only cost you $16! Unlimited refills.

Sales Tax Exemption

In the state of Ohio Massage is subject to sales tax. If you are seeing a Doctor or Chiropractor, ask if massage is for you. A prescription for massage therapy will save you 7.25% sales tax.


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