Relax, Refresh and Renew

with Professional Medical and Relaxation Massage





About New Bremen Massage Clinic

We’ve provided medical and relaxation massage in a professional environment since 2007. Our team of seven licensed massage therapists value education and enjoy learning new ways to help manage pain, injuries and stress.


We are happy to say we are full staffed again! We are back to a place we like to be- where we can offer you same day or next day appointments! We look forward to helping your pain on a prompt basis once again!
CANCELLATION POLICY: When scheduling an appointment, you are agreeing to our cancellation policy. We reserve the right to charge full price for a no-show appointment. After 1 grace, we reserve the right to charge 50% for a same day cancellation. We hold this policy because no-shows and late cancellations have a significant impact on the income of your therapist. Thank you for understanding.

  • “My back, shoulders and neck feel so much better after getting a massage monthly. Such a great stress reliever too. Very professional staff!”
  • The skilled therapists of NBMC helped identify that I experience issues with my IT band, likely an issue caused by a car accident decades ago. Between proper exercise and scheduled massages, I am able to live with the issue in a fully functional manner.
  • I am a longtime client and I don’t know how I could have done without my massage therapist. She has been treating me for jaw pain, muscle pain and severe headaches. I see her monthly and she does a job well done. I feel so much better after each visit.